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Night before Dawn and January 2018

Night before Dawn

I feel that there is so much to say and words are useless sometimes. Seems like I'm stuck in between two worlds, one is a box-esque rotating in a circular motion; clockwise. The other; in a counter clockwise direction and against the norm. I mostly move in a forward timeline, in a linear path. Each step is accounted for, on an auto pilot and for the good.

This seems to be wise most of the time, until the heart and mind argue on what is best. There's an internal argument on what is proper and technical; what is easy and maybe you shouldn't do that because it might be hard to do. For example, writing. English is my second language but at the same time, Thai is no longer a language I remember, or speak or write. So, I'm stuck in this middle world of not speaking or writing well in English or in Thai, but nevertheless, I have something to say. That is why I want to do something out of the norm, in capturing my thoughts throughout the year and documenting it in images.

The writing part will be this Blog outlet. My family and I want to share our experience with you, our friends and family. My kid is growing up, and I wholeheartedly want her to remember who her dad is. I love my wife and little girl with all that I have, and I want them to know who I am. The second part is the doing, my photography; my art. Capturing not just any image but going out of the way to make art, with intention, staying with a theme each month. This is the counter clockwise rotation where it won't be easy or mundane.

My heart feels things when the light hits my eyes before it reaches my brain. Before any message from my trained photographer brain says, this is too dark, blurry or it doesn't make sense. If the color, mood or tone feels right, it will register as Jack's aesthetic. But automatic will say, it won't make sense to any future clients, or how am I going to have people liking this image on Instagram. It won't, and I do not care. =) This is for me, and my family, and maybe some of you; and it's okay.

It will be a set theme for each month, I will try to capture something each day, share it on Instagram, and post it here with some description, a poem, or nothing and have you interpret it.

So, come with me on this journey, see this language I'm putting together. Hopefully it makes sense to you, or not, enjoy the ride.

The theme for January is something "new" everyday we come across some new, to us. So, just take a little time to capture it. See things in a new way, snap it. Meet a new friend, ask them if it's okay to get a pic. Start to look, at something new, everyday. =)

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